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Fast Recovery

What is fast recovery?

From the patient's point of view, fast recovery means that extra care and forward planning have been invested in their joint replacement surgery to improve the experience and outcome of joint replacement surgery. 

In the context of joint replacement surgery, fast recovery of joint replacement patient is a complete set of preoperative, during the inpatient stay and post-operative improvements of patients care through process innovation and Patients categorization introduced by all members of the care team.

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Advantages of Fast recovery:

  • Better patient's experience.

  • Prevention of surgical complications is built into the protocol for patient care. 

  • More information is shared with the patient and relatives. The patient is a partner in healthcare delivery. 

  • there is evidence of increased patient's satisfaction in short to mid-term. 


Mr Dehne interest in fast recovery

I have developed a passion for giving my patients the best joint replacement surgery they can get. This was my motivation to embrace and develop the fast recovery programme. 

The fast recovery programme is centred around a very simple and powerful idea: The patient, not the technology, should be at the centre of care. The quicker the recovery, the better the outcome. 

My interest in fast recovery have lead me to become a visiting fellow at Aston University. I am also in a process of writing up a book commissioned by one of the biggest medical Publisher. The book is called "Fast recovery in joint replacement surgery".

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